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Free Backup Your IP Security Cameras to Google Drive

Users typically record video and audio from an IP camera to a local hard drive (DVR / NVR). But what if the DVR / NVR hardware fails? Or perhaps a fire? Or worse, as part of a burglary, the DVR / NVR is stolen along with other valuables?

With Cloud recording solution, you may overcome the common risks of saving footage only to a local DVR / NVR. CloudBox247 provides highly secure and easy to use Cloud recording and storage per your retention needs (3 days to 2 years). You can also conveniently work with the recorded video at any time from any place.

That is very simple. Just buy any IP camera/NVR that supports FTP.
Then sign uphttps://www.cloudbox247.comand you will get free 10GB FTP account with lifetime storage.
Now go to your account at cloudbox247 and authorize to your google drive account.
Go to camera/NVR settings, put your ftp account there. Select upload trigger (for example: Motion detection) for recording.
Now all videos/images will be uploaded to google drive for free (15GB) or any storage you can buy from Google Drive.
Note: You can delete files at cloudbox247 when it is full or upgrade to higher storage plan. It’s really cheap with only 4.99$/100GB/month (unlimited bandwidth)
Free Backup Your IP Security Cameras to Google Drive now!!!

thangtcnb   September 27, 2018

Hello my name is Pham Ngoc Thang

tplinkcamera838   September 30, 2018

Send file to ftp://tplinkcamera838:xxxxx@
Connecting to Error: recv() timed out. No data received
Receive-Warning: read() timed out. Read '220 FTP Ready
' so far.
Receive-Error: read() failed. Read '' so far. (errno: Operation now in progress (115))
Receive-Error: Connection broke down.

cb247   October 14, 2018

Please try it again

Gman   October 24, 2018

Hello, when you say "put your ftp account there" in camera settings, where do i find my ftp account? Many thanks

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